Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Hardknox Foundation will provide a variety of fundraising events in order to improve the overall instruction, increase the effectiveness of the organization, provide families with opportunities to offset their out of pocket expenses, and give back to the local community in a variety of ways.


The purpose of the Hardknox Foundation will be to provide resources that will improve the overall instruction. Hardknox Baseball Development prides itself on a level of instruction that is unmatched is always looking to improve upon the quality of instruction being provided. The foundation will provide vital resources to assure that level of instruction is continued.

Along with improving the overall instruction, the foundation will play a vital role in constantly increasing the effectiveness of the organization. Resources will be provided for maintenance/upkeep of the facility, the communication tools needed, and the overall experience of all HK clients.

The events sponsored by the foundation will allow families opportunities to work and earn credit toward their player dues. A family atmosphere will result amongst those who volunteer and strengthen relationships within the organization.

A main purpose of the Hardknox Foundation will be to give back to the local community. Through volunteering with youth organizations, giving back to local charities, and helping to keep our community clean, Hardknox will strengthen it's relationship with the community and provide our young men the satisfaction of helping others in need.

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