Upcoming Hardknox Camps and Clinics

Upcoming Hardknox Camps and Clinics

Hardknox Baseball offers a variety of camps and clinics to focus on every aspect of the game. Our camps and clinics are designed for all age groups and ability levels to bring maximum development. Every camp or clinic has an athlete to instructor ratio of no more than 7:1. This is to provide every athlete the maximum amount of instruction possible.


Upcoming Camps/Clinics

Friday Night Lights - Coming Soon!!


Completed Camps/Clinics

HK Velo Session I - Mondays/Wednesdays Oct. 3rd - October 26th

HK Velo Session II - Mondays/Wednesdays Nov. 7th - December 7th

Infield Clinics - Thursdays Augst 18th - Nov 17th

HK Summer Camp - June 6th - 9th 

Ola Athletic Association Coaching Clinic - February 20th

High School Winter Workouts - January 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 15th